What Type of Knee Brace Is Right for Me

What Type of Knee Brace Is Right for Me

When you want to become more healthy and physically fit, it is very important that you are taking time out to protect your body too. Since some exercises can be strenuous on the body, you must be prepared with the proper gear. To get started with your research, you may start by looking into wearing knee sleeves for stabilization and protection for injuries. Because these sleeves are very popular in the fitness industry, you may find the choices available can be quite overwhelming online and in retail stores. If this is the case, you can begin to narrow down the type of brace that you will need by using the criteria that’s provided for you below.



1. What type of knee brace is right for you

It is often determined by the actual purpose and reason for buying the brace in the first place. Typically, since these braces can be sectioned off into 4 categories, you will need to decide what kind of aid or assistance is needed for your knees as you make your choice. For instance, manufacturers have designed knee braces in four different types and they are:


  • Knee sleeves
  • Knee supports
  • Knee stabilizers
  • Hinged Knee Braces


So, based on your need and preference for wearing a knee brace, you can make your selection from one of the four different types. For instance, if you want extra support when you are running in a competitive race, you may need a brace that is made for knee support.

What Type of Knee Brace Is Right for Me

2. Are you Looking for a Certain Style

As you shop around for the best option for you, you will also need to be familiar with the different styles of braces. Presently, there are 2 styles that you will need to consider, and they are wraparound and the slip on. Based on your reason for needing this kind of brace, you may be restricted to only one type. For instance, if you have recently had surgery, you should look for the wrap around style versus the slip on. This is because the wrap around style has been designed for those who are less mobile like someone who is trying to heal but need the support of a brace to keep the knee stable and in place.

On the other hand, if you are active and you want to protect your knees from sustaining an injury, the slip on style is normally the best option for your situation. One important thing to remember, however, is that you must have the right fit in order to have the proper support.


3. Open or Closed Knee Braces

Another key consideration when making this type of selection is to decide if you need an open or closed knee brace. The closed knee brace is meant for athletes and others who need the extra compression to support the need and protect it from injury when they are participating in their favorite sports.

Unlike the closed knee brace, however, the open knee is meant for those who want the knee to be exposed to relieve the pressure that is normally experienced during periods of swelling and inflammation. So, the choice made will be determined by each case and situation that the person is presently dealing with at that time.