Creating The Safest Home

Creating The Safest Home

Home security and safety A home is not just a place where family gathers, but it is a place where precious valuables, memories, and pets are kept. Because a home is such an important place, it is important to keep it safe and secure. Unfortunately, homes are the perfect targets of burglars and thieves, which puts our belongings at risk of being stolen. Keep on reading to learn about ways you can keep your home secure.

Best Ways to Secure Your Home

Creating The Safest Home

1. Invest in A Deadbolt Lock

A deadbolt lock on every door will provide optimal security to your home and make it difficult to break into. There are many different types of deadbolts available, such as double cylinder deadbolts, keyless cylinder deadbolts, and single cylinder deadbolts, so check with a locksmith to determine the best and most secure deadbolt for your door.

Creating The Safest Home

2. Take Pre-cautions If Keys Are Lost

It is easy to misplace keys, especially if you have a big family or kids who have their own kids. If a key ever goes missing or is stolen, get the locks changed immediately. A missing key is an open invitation for thieves to find it and gain access to your home. An alternative to a traditional key to lock your home is a smart lock or keyless lock, which are great for large families as there is only a passcode to hold onto instead of an easy to lose key. You can find a locksmith in Charlotte to install a new lock if you misplace your keys for a small fee.

Creating The Safest Home

3. Leave Lights On

Whether at night time or during the day, it doesn’t hurt to leave a light on to make it appear that someone is home. Often the slightest sign of not empty home will detour a burglar or intruder. You may also want to invest in a timer to automatically turn on and off lights in the home; this is great if you are gone for the evening or on vacation.

Creating The Safest Home

4. Install an Alarm System

Installing a good quality alarm system means you can confidently leave the house for work or vacation, knowing it will be protected from intruders or burglars. Not all alarm systems are created the same, so do your homework before installing one. While an alarm system, especially those which are monitored 24 hours a day, come with a small price, there can be no price put on knowing your family is safe and secure.

Creating The Safest Home

5. Buy a Safe

Storing small valuables or cash in a safe in a secret spot in the house is a great way to protect them. The safe should be small enough to hide somewhere, but large enough to store as many important things as possible. Furthermore, always bolt the safe to the floor so that if an intruder finds it he/she won’t be able to run away with it. It is important to do your homework to find the most affordable but also secure safe for your needs.

When it comes to home security, you never want to forget the small details like securing windows, doors, and small valuables. It may be a good idea to create a checklist to ensure that you have covered the entire house, so you can feel confident in knowing that you are protected from roof to floor. You should now be confident in creating a secure home that you and your family can feel comfortable in day and night.

What Type of Knee Brace Is Right for Me

What Type of Knee Brace Is Right for Me

When you want to become more healthy and physically fit, it is very important that you are taking time out to protect your body too. Since some exercises can be strenuous on the body, you must be prepared with the proper gear. To get started with your research, you may start by looking into wearing knee sleeves for stabilization and protection for injuries. Because these sleeves are very popular in the fitness industry, you may find the choices available can be quite overwhelming online and in retail stores. If this is the case, you can begin to narrow down the type of brace that you will need by using the criteria that’s provided for you below.



1. What type of knee brace is right for you

It is often determined by the actual purpose and reason for buying the brace in the first place. Typically, since these braces can be sectioned off into 4 categories, you will need to decide what kind of aid or assistance is needed for your knees as you make your choice. For instance, manufacturers have designed knee braces in four different types and they are:


  • Knee sleeves
  • Knee supports
  • Knee stabilizers
  • Hinged Knee Braces


So, based on your need and preference for wearing a knee brace, you can make your selection from one of the four different types. For instance, if you want extra support when you are running in a competitive race, you may need a brace that is made for knee support.

What Type of Knee Brace Is Right for Me

2. Are you Looking for a Certain Style

As you shop around for the best option for you, you will also need to be familiar with the different styles of braces. Presently, there are 2 styles that you will need to consider, and they are wraparound and the slip on. Based on your reason for needing this kind of brace, you may be restricted to only one type. For instance, if you have recently had surgery, you should look for the wrap around style versus the slip on. This is because the wrap around style has been designed for those who are less mobile like someone who is trying to heal but need the support of a brace to keep the knee stable and in place.

On the other hand, if you are active and you want to protect your knees from sustaining an injury, the slip on style is normally the best option for your situation. One important thing to remember, however, is that you must have the right fit in order to have the proper support.


3. Open or Closed Knee Braces

Another key consideration when making this type of selection is to decide if you need an open or closed knee brace. The closed knee brace is meant for athletes and others who need the extra compression to support the need and protect it from injury when they are participating in their favorite sports.

Unlike the closed knee brace, however, the open knee is meant for those who want the knee to be exposed to relieve the pressure that is normally experienced during periods of swelling and inflammation. So, the choice made will be determined by each case and situation that the person is presently dealing with at that time.

3 Art Projects for Kids

Are you looking for some fun ways to get creative with your children? I am going to give you 3 art projects for kids that you can do at home. It will give you an opportunity to bond and create a great piece of art work with your children.

The first project is salt dough hand prints. You will need 2 cups of flour, 1 cup of salt, and 3/4 cup of water. Mix all the ingredients together in a large mixing bowl, then roll out the dough until about 3/4 inch thick. Have your child press their hand firmly into the salt dough. Once hand print is in the dough, you can use a toothpick to write name and date on the dough. Place in the oven on a cookie sheet at 225 degrees Fahrenheit for 45-50 minutes or until dough is hard. Remove from the oven and let it cool completely. After the dough is cooled, you can paint your new masterpiece with your kids. If mixing and cooking isn’t your thing these next two art projects are for you.

This next project can be done using Popsicle sticks and yarn. You will need two Popsicle sticks glued together in a plus sign shape. Hot glue works best for holding the sticks together. Next you will take the yarn and start wrapping it around the sticks in a diamond shape, you can use as many colors as you like. I prefer the multicolored yarn. You will wrap until you get to the edge of the sticks. Make sure to leave a little bit on each end. Secure the yarn to the end of each stick with the hot glue and tie the end piece off. Now you have a beautiful ornament or decoration for your home that you made together.

This last project is the simplest, yet just as fun. Get some white computer paper, you will need two sheets. Take objects that can be found around your home and sandwich them between the two sheets of paper. You can use change, leaves, or stencils. Take a pencil and gently color over the sandwiched object and watch it come to life on the paper. You can make this into a cool game as well as an art project. Have your kids try to guess the object before it is completely finished. This is my favorite for a child learning about money. Use all the different coins and have them guess as you are shading in the picture. After the picture is complete you can talk about the rate of the change. This art project can be a really neat teaching opportunity that your child will love.

These are just 3 art projects to do with your kids. There are many more out there, just use your imagination. The best thing about art projects is that it teaches your children to be creative and it gives you a great fun time to bond. Hope you enjoy trying all these art projects out with your children. These are 3 of my favorite art project to do with my children.